I studied Instrument Repair for 5 years with a local repairer in Boulder, Colorado, and studied various lutherie aspects at Red Rocks near Denver. I started my apprenticeship when my Great Aunt gave me an old German violin she played as a child. It needed quite a bit of work, and I set out to find someone to help me repair it.  One luthier in the area taught me how to do the repairs and set me loose.  By the time I was finished, I was able to play the Violin to my Great Aunt just before she passed away, and was offered a job at the shop. The standards there were very strict, and nothing left the door that wasn’t in top playing condition, but all levels of players and instruments were welcome, and we did our best to keep repairs cost efficient.

Sonora Stringed Instrument Repair’s aim is to be accessible for the needs of all violin, viola, and cello players in the Nelson and Tasman regions and beyond. Coming from the tight-knit music community of the Rocky Mountains, I know how important it is to trust your instrument is being cared for and will play its best when you get it back. I also know how pricey instrument repairs can get and I always keep repairs affordable without compromising quality craftsmanship. All my work is guaranteed, and all estimates are always free.

Brandy Beck

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